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About Dr. Lee
Dr.Christine Lee
Min-Wei Christine Lee, M.D., M.P.H. is Board-certified as a Diplomate of the American Board of Dermatology and further sub-specialized by completing a distinguished fellowship in Laser Surgery, Cosmetic Surgery, Mohs Micrographic Surgery/Skin Cancer/Facial Plastic Reconstruction, and Advanced Dermatologic Surgery from University of California, San Francisco.

Dermatology Services

Walnut Creek Dermatology
The East Bay Laser and Skin Care Center, Inc. and Dr. Christine Lee offer a full range of dermatologic and medical skin care services. If you are considering any of the following procedures, or are looking to have any treatments done to improve the look and feel of your skin, do not hesitate to contact Dr. Lee to schedule a consultation today!

Concerned about a mole or skin deformation? Dr. Lee and her staff are available to help with skin cancer checks, mole checks, and lesion checks, as well as the removal of such when desired or required for better health. Skin cancer checks are essential to catching cancers and diseases before they progress further and are more difficult to treat and remove. Having regular checks and staying on top of new moles and deformations of the skin can be the key to catching cancers and disorders early.

Skin disorders such as psoriasis, eczema, and stubborn rashes or acne can all be treated with a reliable dermatologist such as Dr. Lee. For psoriasis and vitiligo patients, she offers top-of-the-line UV light box therapies to address this skin issue. These concerns are common, and with the right treatments, can be addressed, removed, or lessened quickly and easily with the proper care and techniques.

Additionally, Dr. Lee is medically trained to help with hair loss, cysts, and persistent, chronic acne. These concerns plague many individuals during their lifetime, and with the proper treatment, Dr. Lee can help you feel beautiful, younger, and more attractive than ever before!

Whatever your dermatological concern, consider scheduling a consultation today with Dr. Lee to find out what she can do for you to help you feel more comfortable and self-confident in your skin! It's time to take time to make yourself look and feel great!

The East Bay Laser & Skin Care Center, Inc. and Dr. M. Christine Lee offer a full range of dermatologic and medical skin care services. Listed below are just some of the procedures available at our offices:

» Skin cancer diagnosis and treatment
» Skin cancer checks
» Mole checks
» Lesion checks
» Mole and lesion removal
» Photo-Dynamic Therapy (PDT)
» UV Light Box and UVB Laser Therapy for Psoriasis and Vitiligo
» Hair loss consultations
» Acne consultations & treatments
» Cysts - injections & treatments
» Psoriasis treatments
» Eczema treatments
» Sun damage reversal
» Treatment of rashes and allergic reactions
» Accutane
» Warts
» Nail disease
» Toenail fungus
» Infections of the skin and nails
» Patch testing for contact dermatitis and allergies
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